Welcome to our Food Application and Development Centers.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition understands that finding the correct functional ingredient for your application can be a challenge. For this, we are at your service in the universe of food: Delivering smart solutions and innovative approaches, that strike the right balance, from a product’s taste and texture to its appearance and shelf life.

At the forefront of formulation and application development

The 28 Food Application and Development Centers across the globe are equipped and staffed to conduct ingredient qualification, food application testing, and prototype development, focused on strategic products and applications. The centers feature all facilities from modern laboratories to state-of-the-art pilot production.

Our wide range of capabilities for food applications and functional ingredients include:

  • application assistance
  • comparative analysis
  • formulation advice
  • key parameter testing
  • process optimization
  • raw material and ingredient recommendations
  • starting point formulas

At home everywhere in the world – our 28 Food Application and Development Center

Our teams will help you achieve cost optimization and flexibility with alternative ingredients or develop innovative technologies in a wide range of areas:

  • food safety and traceability
  • food technology and innovation
  • health and nutrition
  • global ingredient sourcing
  • food applications laboratory support
  • logistics

Combined with market leading distribution excellence and infrastructure of the Brenntag Group

Through this, Brenntag’s Food & Nutrition is at your service along the entire supply and development value chain.

We know how important it is to have a safe and secure supplier of ingredients to keep your production running efficiently: Our partners benefit from Brenntag’s distribution excellence and supply chain infrastructure. We have an unparalleled product offering, and work with the best suppliers in the industry. We deliver on Brenntag’s safety and sustainability promise and reduce your compliance burdens, thereby fulfilling the ever-growing safety, quality, and regulatory requirement that we all face.

Fully committed to complying with the industry’s ever-growing safety and quality requirements, all our facilities adhere to ISO standards and HACCP food safety regulations, and we will procure the full documentation and accompanying certificates for each product.

Helping you to stay ahead of trends

To best enable you to compete in today’s market and fully leverage our knowledge and experience in food applications, we regularly organize events that include technical training and innovation workshops with our team of Brenntag Food & Nutrition specialists.

Here, our living international network of more than 900 dedicated Food & Nutrition employees is an invaluable asset, providing insights on market trends, local developments or latest cutting-edge innovations.

Take a look at selected Food Application and Development Centers and their focal areas

Take a look at the work of our Food Application and Development Center in Vietnam:

Brenntag Food & Nutrition in 76 countries with local people on the ground.

Benefit from our extensive market, industry, and product know-how as well as our understanding of regulations, policies, challenges, developments, and trends – in your market.

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