Brenntag Food & Nutrition – a new brand and organization

Brenntag Food & Nutrition launched on November 8, 2018 with an official announcement at the Group’s headquarter in Essen by Steven Holland, Chief Executive Officer of Brenntag Group. On the same day, the brand was unveiled at the US industry event Supply Side West in Las Vegas.

Under the global Brenntag Food & Nutrition brand and the newly created slogan “Sense the difference”, all food and beverage specific capabilities in 73 countries, with over 750 dedicated employees and 28 food application and development centers will be drawn together in one coordinated business unit and management.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition is at home everywhere in the world with a strong local presence and infrastructure. Engrained in the local culture and business, it is perfectly positioned to cater for its clients at local level. Customers and suppliers expanding to new markets will also benefit from Brenntag Food & Nutrition understanding of market specific needs, challenges and developments. The 28 food application and development centers are at the business partners’ service in the universe of food: The technical teams create tailor-made food and nutrition formulations and deliver smart solutions that strike the right balance – from a product’s taste and texture to its appearance and shelf life. Brenntag’s dedicated and sales people are the preferred channel for suppliers and a trusted partner to customers, ready to boost existing business and open new opportunities. At the same time the Food & Nutrition organization will use the market leading distribution excellence and infrastructure of the Brenntag Group. It is also equally committed to Brenntag’s safety and sustainability promise, thereby fulfilling the industry’s ever-growing safety, quality and regulatory requirements.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition will have its own structure within the Brenntag organization. Tom Corcoran is leading the global business as Vice President Food & Nutrition Brenntag Group, overseeing global targets, strategy and marketing. Brenntag’s four regions are each covered by a Vice President: Frank Haven for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Margaret Chua for Asia Pacific, Larry Davis for North America and Tomás Navarro for Latin America, who will be responsible for regional strategy and operations.

“Brenntag Food & Nutrition is the perfect combination of specialized support for the Food & Nutrition market, distribution capabilities and Brenntag legacy, it is true value. We want our partners to sense that difference, to sense the difference we can make to their product and their business. Our biggest asset, however, is our team who shares a common passion for food & nutrition. We aspire to be a living network, sharing best practices, knowledge and insights and ultimately turning trends into marketable products for our partners.”

Tom Corcoran, Food & Nutrition Vice President Brenntag Group, on his ambition for the new brand and unit.

“Brenntag has a significant Food & Nutrition business on a global scale with a good mix of ingredients, specialty chemicals and value added services. With our capabilities we are now at a tipping point where it made sense to join all respective forces to concentrate on Food & Nutrition, which is an important industry segment for Brenntag with attractive opportunities for growth. With the new set-up, we will be in a much better position to meet the expectations of our current and future business partners on both, local and global level.”

Henri Nejade, Member of the Management Board of Brenntag Group, on the rationale behind this step.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition in 76 countries with local people on the ground.

Benefit from our extensive market, industry, and product know-how as well as our understanding of regulations, policies, challenges, developments, and trends – in your market.

Tom Corcoran


Margaret Chua


Frank Haven


Tomás Navarro

Latin America

Larry Davis

North America

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